About FIAQ

The Food Industries Association Queensland Inc. (FIAQ) is a not for profit organisation led by industry members and governed by an experienced committee of experienced food industry professionals.

FIAQ aims to offer value and prospects for members by providing the opportunity to connect with services and advice they need to develop their businesses, and to attend a variety of on topic food manufacturing events to learn, keep up to date with market trends and connect with new markets by networking.

Our goal is to provide our members with the knowledge to give their business a competitive edge to enhance and grow their businesses efficiently and competently.

FIAQ membership is open to businesses of all sizes as well as individuals.

Our History

  • FIAQ began as the Food Technology Association of Queensland (FTA – Queensland) in 1948, with 38 member companies, many of which were the largest food manufacturers in the state and the management committee was made up of CEO’s of those companies.

  • There were various sub committees, these were Pure Food Regulations sub-committee, Taste panel sub-committee and the Technical Program sub-committee.

  • The association secretariat was part of the Queensland Chamber of Manufacturers

  • The Council of Australian Food Technology Associations (CAFTA) represented & co-ordinated all of the state food associations and its management committee was made up of representatives from each of the state associations

  • CAFTA & state FTA’s were “designed to promote the scientific and technical aspects of the Food Manufacturing Industries in Australia

  • CAFTA published a journal “Food Technology in Australia” which was well regarded for many years in the food industry. The journal became a cooperative publication when AIFST was formed in 1967 and is now known as Food Australia and is published solely by AIFST.

  • When the AFGC was formed in 1995, consisting of many of the large and international food companies operating in Australia, CAFTA lost much of it’s large member base and was no longer viable.

  • The state FTA’s in NSW and SA ceased also at this time, however Queensland and Victoria had enough financial resources and members to be able to service many of the SME’s in their states.

  • In 2000 FTA Queensland changed its name to Food Industries Association of Queensland Inc (FIAQ) but has continued to operate with the same charter as was originally envisaged by the founding members 70+ years ago.

  • There were kindred associations in NSW, VIC & SA

What we stand for

FIAQ’s role is to support all aspects of the Queensland food manufacturing sector.

  • Independent – run by the food industry for the food industry

  • Relevant, current and topical

  • Community – bringing the industry together

  • The voice for the industry

  • Fun!

What we do

  • Our management committee are all volunteers, they are food industry professionals representing all facets of the private food sectors.

  • Events, blog posts, web news, members mail – keeping our members up to date

  • Networking- bringing industry together

  • Ongoing communication with Federal, State and Local Government and other industry bodies

  • Keeping it fun! All work and no play is like eggs without bacon!

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