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Connect with us to join the vibrant community of Queensland’s Food Industry and explore endless opportunities for collaboration, growth, and innovation.

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About Us


Welcome to Food Industries Association of Queensland Inc.

We are a dedicated non-profit organization led by a knowledgeable committee comprising experienced professionals from the food industry.

Being industry-led means that we are at the frontline hearing firsthand what challenges our manufacturers are dealing with. This unique position assists us in identifying appropriate initiatives to support the QLD food manufacturing industry to combat disruptions, such was the recent pandemic, skills shortages, supply chain disruptions, and other challenges. These include promoting careers in food manufacturing to high school leavers, securing government grants to support the growth of the industry, and developing programs to upskill and retain existing workforce.

At FIAQ, our primary objective is to foster safe and prosperous food production while strengthening connections between industry stakeholders and support services. We achieve this by offering valuable educational networking opportunities and hosting training forums that cover a wide range of topics, including food science and technology, nutrition, professional development, and food safety.

In addition, FIAQ provides valuable assistance in various areas such as education, grants, employment, food safety, technological issues, general advice, leadership, supply chain, operations, and HR. We take great pride in supporting the development of skills within the industry, ensuring its continued growth and success.

To keep food companies well-informed, we maintain an up-to-date mailing list that delivers the latest information, including regulatory updates and important news.

Furthermore, FIAQ acts as a representative voice, advocating for the interests of Queensland’s food manufacturing sector within government, industry forums, and training institutions. We strive to protect and advance the field of food manufacturing, ensuring its recognition and support.

Membership with FIAQ is open to businesses of all sizes, as well as individuals who are passionate about the food industry and its advancement. Join us today and become a part of our vibrant community dedicated to the success and prosperity of Queensland’s food sector.

The journey of our organization

Our History

FIAQ began as the Food Technology Association of Queensland (FTA – Queensland), with 38 member companies, many of which were the largest food manufacturers in the state and the management committee was made up of CEO’s of those companies.


There were various sub committees, these were Pure Food Regulations sub-committee, Taste panel sub-committee and the Technical Program sub-committee.


The association secretariat was part of the Queensland Chamber of Manufacturers.


The Council of Australian Food Technology Associations (CAFTA) represented & co-ordinated all of the state food associations and its management committee was made up of representatives from each of the state associations.


CAFTA & state FTA’s were “designed to promote the scientific and technical aspects of the Food Manufacturing Industries in Australia.


CAFTA published a journal “Food Technology in Australia” which was well regarded for many years in the food industry. The journal became a cooperative publication when AIFST was formed and is now known as Food Australia and is published solely by AIFST.


AFGC was formed, consisting of many of the large and international food companies operating in Australia, CAFTA lost much of it’s large member base and was no longer viable.


The state FTA’s in NSW and SA ceased also at this time, however Queensland and Victoria had enough financial resources and members to be able to service many of the SME’s in their states.


FTA Queensland changed its name to Food Industries Association of Queensland Inc (FIAQ) but has continued to operate with the same charter as was originally envisaged by the founding members 70+ years ago.


Why Choose Us

What We Stand For

FIAQ provides technical and skills support for Queensland Food Manufacturing.


Run by professionals from the food industry, for the food industry, independently.


Our focus is on providing information and resources that are relevant, current, and address the latest topics.


We are a community-driven organization dedicated to fostering unity within the food industry.

The Voice

We take pride in being advocates for the food industry, ensuring its interests are heard and amplified.


We strive to maintain a sense of enjoyment and vibrancy within the food industry.


What We Do

Bringing together the food industry, promoting safety, and advancing success in Queensland.