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Mentoring Program


Empowering Queensland's food industry through mentorship excellence.

This project is proudly funded by the Queensland Government through its VET Emerging Industries initiative.

FIAQ is pleased to roll out this pilot Mentoring program for the benefit of the Queensland Food Manufacturing Industry.

In an effort to retain skilled employees in the Queensland Food Industry, FIAQ has embarked on the development of a Mentoring Program. This program is designed to facilitate the development of the younger generation of food industry employees by linking them with experienced industry professionals who will impart their insights, knowledge and real-life practical lived experiences, collected over many years in the food industry. 

This insight and advice will help to develop confidence and skills levels in food manufacturing that are both major drivers of job satisfaction. This pilot program is hoped to provide a solid grounding for its graduates to go on to have long and successful careers in the Queensland Food Industry.

Mentees can choose the stream that they would like to be mentored in from the following three streams:

  • Stream A – Leadership, Project Management and Supply Chain
  • Stream B – Food Safety and New Product Development
  • Stream C – Entrepreneurship, General Small Business Affairs and Human Resources

Priority for places in this years program will go to employees who are with FIAQ member companies. Eligible Mentees from the Queensland Food Manufacturing Industry who are not FIAQ members will be considered if places are available.