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Connect with us to join the vibrant community of Queensland’s Food Industry and explore endless opportunities for collaboration, growth, and innovation.

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Benefits of FIAQ Membership

Becoming a member of the Food Industries Association of Queensland is crucial for food-associated individuals and companies seeking networking opportunities, access to exclusive resources, and advocacy in matters affecting the industry.

Benefit from valuable connections, industry updates, and the support of a dedicated community, driving success and growth in Queensland’s food industry.

FIAQ welcomes food-associated companies and individuals without imposing minimum qualification requirements.

Company membership covers all staff members, allowing each employee to attend functions at exclusive member rates. Additional discounts are available for multiple registrations.

Designed specifically for sole-operators, individual memberships provide comprehensive benefits to a single person.

Members enjoy significantly reduced rates compared to non-members for various events, and in some cases, members receive free admission.

Membership grants access to the exclusive "members-only section" of the website, providing technical information, important links, video presentations of past technical sessions, and contact details of fellow members.

The Food Industries Association of Queensland offers its members a distinctive avenue to participate in enriching networking activities that remain inaccessible to non-members. Beyond this, members gain privileged access to exclusive discount offers that are periodically extended. These benefits, however, are just the beginning. The heart of our association lies in its commitment to education and learning. Our technical and educational events serve as vital opportunities for members to expand their horizons, deepen their understanding of industry intricacies, and foster professional growth.

Members have the option to advertise on the website at a discounted rate exclusively available to members.

Members receive direct updates from the Australian Food and Grocery Council, the leading food body in Australia, through the members-only section.

FIAQ regularly interfaces with state government departments and industry bodies on matters concerning the food industry. Detailed updates on these interactions are available exclusively in the members-only section.


Membership Pricing

Membership period: Full year memebership.

Organisations with 1 - 9 Employees


Organisations with 10 - 50 Employees


Organisations with >50 Employees


** prices exclude GST