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FIAQ Member Profile – Steggall Nutrition

FIAQ Member Profile – Steggall Nutrition


Steggall Nutrition – Your leading nutrient premix partner

Steggall Nutrition has proudly been producing high quality, customised nutrient premixes in Brisbane, Queensland since 1992.

Our dedication to producing the best quality products is supported by state-of-the-art equipment and our knowledgeable, experienced team. With a focus on sourcing and utilising only the best raw materials, enhancing flavour and taste and a strong food safety culture, Steggall Nutrition is committed to achieving great outcomes for our customers.

Innovative Product Development

Steggall Nutrition’s highly experienced and skilled product development team creates perfectly customised products for the Complimentary Health Care Market, tailored to client requirements. We use many quality ingredients, including natural vitamins and mineral sources, probiotic bacteria, botanicals, dairy and plant proteins and more. We have extensive expertise in vitamins, minerals and other micro ingredients and are one of the few companies that stock these ingredients for both internal use and for supply to other manufacturing companies.  The Steggall Nutrition new product development team, led by Product Development Manager Alison Willis, constantly monitors and evaluates new raw materials from around the world to ensure we offer only the latest and best in nutritional trends to meet and exceed client requirements. Steggall Nutrition’s end-to-end product development process includes a label review to ensure compliance with the Food Regulations.


Customised Packaging

Retail packaging under the customer’s name is held in stock until required.  Custom packaging solutions include laminated sachets and pouches, plastic jars, metal and composite cans and pails.  Our primary product is sachets with a 40-50g fill weight, re-packed at a very competitive rate.  A recent investment in storage capacity means Steggall Nutrition can store up to 800 pallets.


Product Compliance and Accreditation

Due to our longstanding expertise, the Steggall Nutrition team offers creative and commercially competitive products while assisting customers with regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our culture of investing has resulted in purpose-built temperature and humidity-controlled rooms that ensure product quality and compliance standards are consistently met. Combined with our quality management systems that ensure full traceability at the touch of a button, the final product is always of the highest standard. Steggall Nutrition is Dairy accredited with DOAWR and regularly exports to Asia by the container load. We have in-house experts in FSANZ Standards that understand infant Nutrition, Formulated Meal Replacements and Foods for Special Medical Purposes.


Training and Development

Steggall Nutrition’s well-established training and development program focuses on encouraging creativity and innovation while maintaining food safety and quality through our team of Food Technologists. The company recognises the importance of developing younger staff and supports undergraduate students by appointing intern lab staff. We regularly host student and other trainee groups through the factory to showcase our industry leading production systems.


For more information about Steggall Nutrition please go to our website www.steggallnutrition.com or contact Cassie Chadwick at [email protected]

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Connect with us to join the vibrant community of Queensland’s Food Industry and explore endless opportunities for collaboration, growth, and innovation.