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Jana Cameron

Principal Consultant & Owner Path4 Food, Global Food Specialists President of FIAQ, Recruitment Specialist for Operations and Technical in the Food and Agriculture Industries

Jana Cameron is a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for the industry she serves. Holding a Master of Business Administration from the University of Queensland and a Master of Agricultural Science with a specialization in Animal Husbandry, Jana’s academic background is complemented by her practical expertise.

With over two and a half decades of experience in recruitment, predominantly within the food manufacturing sector, Jana’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her own business nearly 15 years ago. Throughout her career, she has cultivated a profound understanding of industry needs, forged strong networks, and developed exceptional insights into the labour market dynamics. What sets Jana apart is her unwavering commitment to not only sourcing highly qualified staff but also to fostering staff retention and facilitating ongoing professional and personal development.

Known for her integrity and direct approach, Jana garners appreciation from both clients and candidates alike. Her extensive expertise in recruitment, training, and HR has established her as an authority in the field, earning her invitations to speak at industry events, schools, and tertiary institutions. Additionally, she represents the Food Manufacturing Industry on various boards and reference groups at both state and local government levels.

Since assuming the presidency of FIAQ in 2014 and becoming a professional member of AIFST, Jana has been instrumental in addressing the acute shortage of professionals in the industry, particularly exacerbated by recent global events. Her proactive advocacy efforts resulted in FIAQ securing government grants to support upskilling initiatives for Queensland Food Manufacturers, firmly positioning the organisation on the state government’s agenda and amplifying the voice of the food industry.

Outside of her professional endeavours, Jana finds solace in nature, whether bonding with her off-the-track Thoroughbred horse, swimming at the beach, or exploring the lush rainforests of the Sunshine Coast. She also delights in savouring exquisite food and coffee, a testament to her appreciation for life’s simple pleasures.