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Lea Reid

Boasting an impressive 30-year career in the food industry, Lea has honed a diverse skill set while navigating various professional trajectories. Armed with a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Queensland (Gatton Campus), Lea seamlessly integrated academic knowledge with practical applications, laying the groundwork for a dynamic career in the food industry.

Lea’s professional journey has been multifaceted, encompassing roles in manufacturing, operations management, product development, and technical sales. With a commitment to lifelong learning, she earned an MBA (Master of Business Administration) from Griffith University while thriving in a full-time professional capacity.

 For over 15 years, Lea has been a pivotal figure in the meat industry, contributing significantly to both export and domestic value-added sectors. She also worked in a leadership role in operations management for an online frozen home delivery meal service. In this capacity, Lea oversaw menu expansion, product range development, and the creation of meals aligned with optimal nutritional parameters, emphasizing high protein, low saturated fat, and low sugar content.

 Beyond her professional pursuits, Lea is an avid cyclist, exploring the scenic landscapes of Brisbane and beyond. She also relishes the strategic elements of golf, occasionally mastering the art of hitting a ball in the right direction. Balancing her professional and personal life, Lea is the director of a bustling household, overseeing three teenagers, a loving husband, and a delightful ridgeback dog.

 Firmly believing in the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle, Lea actively seeks out new adventures in all aspects of life, where every dish tells a story, and every experience is an opportunity for growth and discovery.