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Rachael McCurdy

Quality Management

Rachael brings over 25 years of hands-on experience in Quality Management within the food manufacturing industry. With a degree in Food Technology and Biotechnology from Federation University (formerly the University of Ballarat), she has crafted her career working with renowned companies such as Murray Goulburn, Fonterra Australia, Barambah Organics, Capilano Honey, Leda Nutrition, and currently, Hilton Foods Australia.

Her expertise lies in Food Science, and she holds lead auditor experience in both ingredients and packaging. Rachael is well-versed in GFSI schemes like BRC and SQF, as well as various standards, including Customer retail standards, Organic Standards for Australia and International Requirements, and Department of Agriculture (DAFF) Export Standards. She has successfully implemented Quality Management Systems for both Green and Brownfield sites.

Outside of the professional arena, Rachael’s passions include netball, savouring good food, mixing up cocktails, and indulging her love for travel. In her world, dedication, knowledge, and a zest for life create a harmonious blend.