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Sasha Pakkiyaretnam

QA Manager - Tip Top Springwood

Sasha is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive educational background. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Food Science and Technology from the University of QLD, as well as a Masters in Applied Science Degree. With a remarkable career spanning 24 years, Sasha has dedicated his expertise to the field of quality within the food industry.

Throughout his professional journey, Sasha has worked with renowned companies such as Golden Circle, Capilano Honey, Goodman Fielder, and George Weston Foods. His roles have consistently revolved around quality, allowing him to accumulate vast knowledge and experience across various standards, including BRC, CFMSR, WSEP, Aldi, Spotless, YUM, Hungry Jacks, and Craveable Brands.

Passionate about food safety and quality, Sasha has actively demonstrated his commitment through roles as a Lead Food Safety Auditor and HACCP Coordinator. He takes pride in running training sessions to educate non-quality staff within the business, emphasizing that quality is a responsibility shared by all.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Sasha’s greatest passion lies in playing basketball. He finds immense joy in participating in Sunday night games, especially when he gets the opportunity to play alongside his son on the same team. This highlights his dedication not only to his career but also to fostering a strong bond with his family through shared interests and activities.

With a wealth of expertise in food quality, a passion for continuous improvement, and a commitment to family and personal interests, Sasha embodies a well-rounded individual who thrives both professionally and personally.