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FIAQ is very proud to work with the University of Queensland on their student placement program. The program is for 3rd or 4th year Bachelors (Hons) and final semester Masters of Food Science & Technology students. This program is a complete immersion into your company where students learn how to translate their academic learnings into application.

The student placement runs for a full semester, which is 14 weeks (full time). The student only does placement for the semester, no other courses are undertaken whilst on placement.

The roles that can be offered to students may range from new product development, technical lab roles (in e.g. microbiology or chemistry), food safety and quality assurance etc. This may be fixed for the duration of the program or the student may be exposed to a variety of industry activities during the placement.

If you are interested at hosting a student in a less structured way, the students are looking for work experience on part-time basis during the semester and full-time over the summer break. Please get in touch with us if you would be interest at hosting a student outside of the traditional placement program. Contact us if you wish to host a student.


Select modules of Job Seeker Toolbox courtesy of FIAQ President Jana Cameron and Bespoke Training.

Below is a link to a graduate resume example, please email [email protected] if you would like more examples or would like any further assistance.


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